anti-raginRagging is a serious offence that any misbehavior either by words or by an act which is teasing or harassing a student is considered Ragging. The indiscipline activities which cause or may cause physique or psych hardship to raise fear, anxiety or dread; asking money or other things; compelling the student to act or to perform something which has the effect of causing or generating a sense are treated as Ragging. Moreover asking name in a rude way will also be considered Ragging.
Ragging is a serious non-bailable offence and it requires criminal procedure. If any incident related to Ragging
committed within the campus or in the hostel or otherwise, the principal or warden will report to the police station and the suitable disciplinary action will be taken against the offender.
Anti-ragging committee shall be headed by the head of the institution and shall consists of representatives of faculty members, parents, students, belonging to the freshers’ category as well as seniors and non teaching staff. It shall consider the recommendation of the anti ragging Squad and take appropriate decisions, including spelling out suitable punishments to those found guilty.



Chairman                                          :       Dr. U Saidalavi


Faculty Members                             :       Mr. Sabu K Restham

                                                                    Mrs. Bishara M

                                                                    Mr. Shafeeque K P

Representative of Parents               :      Mr. M K Abdul Majeed

                                                                    (Vice President, PTA)

Representative of NTS                      :      Mr. Mansoor K C

                                                                    (Head Accountant)

Representative of Students             :      Mr. Mufeed N P (B.Com CA III Year)

                                                                    Ms. Ganasree (BMMC III Year)

                                                                    Mr. Salahudheen (BCA II Year)

                                                                    Ms. Rafeeda Abdussalam (BSc Psychology I Year)

Civil and Police Administration      :      Sub. Inspector of Police, Vengara

Local Media                                       :       Mr. Amanulla 

                                                                   (Journalist, Malayalamanorama)

N.G.O                                                  :     Mr. K K Hamza Master